i want to put the link for other language...if i click on that language the site will convert to that language...plz can anyone help me...its urgent...
thnks in advance...

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its urgent...

Not to us it's not. You can use a number of approaches:

1) PHP array items

For beginners, the first method would probably be the easiest.

All you do is create files like these...


    $lang = array(
        'hi' => 'Hi, how are you?';
        'bye'=> 'Bye!';


    $lang = array(
        'hi' => 'Salve, come stai?';
        'bye'=> 'Addio!';

Have a link to set the language, somthing like this:

$defaultLang = 'it';

if(isset($_GET['lang']) && in_array($_GET['lang'], array('en','it')))
   $lang = $_GET['lang']; 
    $lang = $_SESSION['lang'];
    $lang = $defaultLang;

$_SESSION['lang'] = $lang;
require "lang/$lang.php";


<p><?php echo $lang['hi'];?></p>

If you want to use GETTEXT see here:





i don't want to convert a single page to other language...want my website to other language...

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That will do it. But you must provide translations whatever you do. The 'session' keeps track of the language. You could even add a cookie read/write for users that return - so that the site remembers their language.

An alternative method would be to store multiple versions of your site in different folders - but that's daft IMO.

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