I've just completed my HTML and CSS training and practicing right now. To make all those flashy web graphics on a webpage, the interface desing,little buttons and vector images which graphic software training i should go for.
I'm confused at photoshop,illustrator,indesign or fireworks. Is adobe wrapping up fireworks?
What is SAss Lass and Bootstrap exactly and is it necessary to know em? God so many things to learn.

So sad no response from a well respected site and experienced coders.. sad.

Hi Tangerinejoe and sorry you didin't get an immediate response. Sometimes threads get missed and as I look at teh view count, there have only been 6 views so I am going to wager that this got pushed down the line. A small issue that I am noting is that you are asking a lot in that little paragraph and that may defer people from answering.

I'm going to stick with one thing that I know, Photoshop is great for web design. Other Adobe products, like those you have mentioned, have their own pluses and one noteworthy one in my opinion is InDesign as it is good for whole page creation.

Personally though, I have been using Photoshop CS6 lately for designing some backgrounds and link buttons for a friend's website. I find it to be very good for those purposes and also for jpeg editing.

As for Sass Lass and Bootstrap, I haven't a clue.