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on application side am using code as below:

$vcal .= "BEGIN:VCALENDAR\r\n";
$vcal .= "PRODID:-//xyz// Calendar 9054//EN\r\n";
$vcal .= "VERSION:2.0\r\n";
$vcal .= "CALSCALE:GREGORIAN\r\n";
$vcal .= "METHOD:REQUEST\r\n";
$vcal .= "BEGIN:VEVENT\r\n";
$vcal .= "DTSTART:$dtstart\r\n";
$vcal .= "DTEND:$dtend\r\n";
$vcal .= "DTSTAMP:20110302T115742Z\r\n";
$vcal .= "ORGANIZER:mailto:$organizer\r\n";
$vcal .= "UID:$uid\r\n";
$vcal .= "CREATED:$dtstart\r\n";
$vcal .= "DESCRIPTION:$desc\r\n";
$vcal .= "LAST-MODIFIED:$dtstart\r\n";
$vcal .= "LOCATION:$loc\r\n";
$vcal .= "SEQUENCE:$sequence\r\n";
$vcal .= "STATUS:CONFIRMED\r\n";
$vcal .= "SUMMARY:$subject\r\n";
$vcal .= "TRANSP:OPAQUE\r\n";
$vcal .= "BEGIN:VALARM\r\n";
$vcal .= "TRIGGER:-PT5M\r\n";
$vcal .= "ACTION:DISPLAY\r\n";
$vcal .= "DESCRIPTION:Reminder\r\n";
$vcal .= "END:VALARM\r\n";
$vcal .= "END:VEVENT\r\n";
$vcal .= "END:VCALENDAR\r\n";

Is there any diffrent calender format for gmail which will give me expected result?

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Thanks a lot for this answer.
I was getting so tensed.
(Sorry to ask this,)But are you sure about this?

As I have already shared I read http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/cLEu8QVdb3E but it is much old so I wanted to confirm.

Do you have any link where you read this? So that I too can have proof!!!! (Actually I want proof ;) )

I wanted to ask one more thing,
With respect to you above statement,
If we make invitation from outlook account,
to a gmail account, then also it SHOULD ASK me to ADD TO CALENDAR. I have tried that too.
But it doesnot ask me. :(
It directly get added into calender.
why so?
If there is above condition then it should ask me too ADD into calendar explicitly.
I have tested this.
Am I wrong somewhere?????? :(

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