I use Microsft Vista OS on my system,so getting started with my PHP programming has been my challenge since last month that i had choose to lay hands on PHP programming,majorly because MySQL refused to run in the XAMP server i have installed on my system.
i have try various means to have it up and running, to level of disabling my Skype,yet it's not running and i even went ahead to install WAMP as well, WAMP not running at all, please help me out with solutions on how to get server running on my system to kick start my PHP programming

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you could try installing mysql workbench.. This will install mysql server on your system and you can create your database's with the workbench.

Vista is known to create problems with xampp. There are other options out there when it comes to windows apache mysql php server. One is a lightweight application called Uniform server.

Installing the Uniform server is slightly tricky, but it comes with setting options for development and production and I am pretty confident you will managed..

One important feature of uniform server vs. xampp is its security. I honestly believe that it is more secure than xampp. It has many modular extensions that can be added later on. In fact, not too long ago, I evaluated uniform server to host a website from my office as a production server. Amazingly, it is pretty realiable like any VPS hosting I could get for 50 dollars per month.

Although I have not tried it on Vista, I am confident it will work out for you. Similar to xampp, uniform server can also run as portable.

Another option that you can use is an nginx server for windows. This is less dependent on your OS and it is pretty light and faster than conventional Apache MySQL PHP server packages. The only downside is that most nginx for windows are not pre-packaged with mysql.

Good luck on your PHP programming.

AM very grateful for your assitance, i will go ahead to try out your sugestions, so whatever happens or anything i ecounter i will let you know,
many thanks to you all

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