how to edit in the post in php? i m using update query but no working? can anyone suggest me
any idea and please give me suitable example

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How about you show us your code first? You're asking us to make something up or copy and paste something from somwhere else, whereas you could do a Google search in a tenth of the time.

enter what I wanted, but the date showed up as 0000-00-00. This is the simplest form. Only 2 columns are being entered from a php input form....a name and a date. Can anyone help? I have already consulted 3 mysql/php books (and RTFM) AND googled away but i cannot find an exact situation like mine....which is hard to believe. I already have my database set for the date to be yyyy-mm-mm and i don't really care how it reads in PHP. I just want the use to be able to enter the thing (yyyy-mm-mm) is fine. MANY thanks....

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Please start your own thread and include any code that you have.

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