Hello all,
I am new to asp.net.I have taken up a project called MIS(Management Information System).I have just started the project.The home page consists of a login screen.Now i need to put a picture in my page.I already have one picture for my web page.
In order to put another picture i have put a panel at the top of my page.
The problem is i get the image at design time but when i run it,iam not able to see the panel as well as the picture...

This is the what i have given in the backcolor url property of my panel control (C:/Documents and Settings/techlogin/PRIME/App_Data/logo1.bmp)

This is the same in the source code of the page

<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Height="100px" Style="z-index: 106; left: 123px;
            position: absolute; top: 7px" Width="735px" BackImageUrl="C:/Documents and Settings/techlogin/PRIME/App_Data/logo1.bmp">

The image is stored in App_Data.This is the default project folder.
Help me on how to display the image during runtime...

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try this. u should give path on server. not real path.


! convert that bmp to jpg to save time on load

or if that is the default folder where the file is located as well, you can just have BackImageUrl="logo1.bmp"

Is there any text in the panel at all? Cause if there is not and your image does not load, then you won't see the panel (especially in firefox as it eliminates useless info like malfunctioning HTML that controls convert into). Try setting something inside your panel for testing purposes, like "OMG IT DOESN'T WORK". If it shows, it works! if not, you're text is right on the money.. If it doesn't work, try adding " Visible="True" " to your control. Panels convert to Div's when processed.