This may sound strange, but I'm having an issue I can't explain... and have been researching why for the past day and a half with no results.

All of a sudden on Friday Morning I was unable to log into a members back office, which is based on session variables.
I wrote this over 4 years ago and it has been working just fine until yesterday AM..

What I'm wondering is if it is possible for a session to get hung up in some way that you can't get out of it and can't change the variables...

I know that sounds dumb, but I've tracked every step of the process and done variable dumps that appear that the variables are changed, but after the login should be complete, it now tells me that I need to log in and shows the original session variables again, as if I had never changed them.

I've finally even tried just destroying the session and starting a new one, but when the new one is started, it has the same session id as before.

Either I'm losing it, or there is something seriously wrong somewhere... (or maybe both)

Any ideas??

Or is it possible that there is more than one session connected to a single website instance??

God, I hate it when I do that, or when that happens(if I don't want to blame myself)

I resolved the issue, but still don't know why it happened in the first place, and can't seem to make it reoccur

The way I resolved it was that I just set my browser to the log out script for the members area, and it logged out and cleared the problem..

But what doesn't make sense is that it was logged in and still requiring me to log in, which is what I couldn't do...

Someone suggested that I may have Ghosts in my computer... Hmmmm

Sorry to start a thread that I end myself, and waste ya'lls time.


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