Hello guys!
What should we need to create notice area in Dreamweaver CS5.5?
Is it suitable if we use table as a notice area?
Or maybe we need to use another else besides table?
Thank you.

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A bit vague.

Without seeing what might be in a few notices, and not knowing how many would be displayed at once, this is tricky to answer. You could use a table in one set of conditions, or a set of divs in another set of conditions. Which includes where is this data coming from - a database, or manually entered into the page.

Thank you drjohn.

Excuse, what does 'Duplicate entry ... for key 2' means when we add some data to insert into database?
Do you know anythinig about this? :)

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Why doesn't WHAT work? Perhaps it would be a good idea to post your code here so we could look at it. Otherwise you are asking us to GUESS what you're doing.

Dreamweaver shouldn't make any difference to the code you're producing - you could use Notepad for all that it matters.

What do you mean by notice area?

You have given us very little to go on - that is why I suggested that you follow the link to the php sticky which advises you on how to ask a good question.

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