Hello guy,

I have a website it's basicly a rss feed website. When a user click on a link they leave the page (with _blank).
But i want to make a leave page something like www.domain.com/go/ they stay on this page for let's say 5 sec and they the script directs the user to the link they've clicked.

I've google this but i don't know how it's caled or how to do it.


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print 'You will be redirected in 3 seconds...';
header('Refresh:3 ; URL=index.php');

i've put the link like "domain.com/go.php?link=the redirect url"

and i've put this code



        <title>IceHD - Stiri online : Gateway</title>
        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;URL='<?php echo $url; ?>'" />
    <p>You are being redirected to <?php echo $url; ?></p>

It works, i hope this is the best way to do it, any oppinons ?

This is fine. The meta tag is made for this, although I don't think you need the single quotes around your URL.

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