how to insert data into database by using onchange event .

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This is probably Ajax. Look it up - come back with a specific question and examples of what you've tried.

thank you for yur reply .i am using input type number for getting values from user and i need to insert those values into my database table. i want to insert the data into table with onchange event ..i dont want to use submit button

this is how im displaying my items

            //loop through all table rows

            while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result))
                echo '<figure><a href=images/'. $row['food_photo']. ' alt="click to view full image" target="_blank"><img src=images/'. $row['food_photo']. ' width="80" height="70"></a>';
                echo "<figcaption>" . $row['food_name']."<br>";
                echo "<p text-align:center-right>" . $row['food_description']."</figcaption></p>";
                echo " " . $row['food_type']."";
                echo "PRICE" . $row['food_price']."";

                echo '<a href="cart-exec.php?id=' . $row['food_id'] . '">Add To Cart</a></figure>';


    and now i want to add quantity text box as the user enter it should to inserted into database tale "quantity" i dont want to use submit button .the data should be inserted onchange event occured ..
    thank you in advance 
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We need to see the form and your SQL table

i have tables such as product(contains details of product),cart_details,quantity.the cart_details has cart id,product id,quantityid,total.
quantity (id,value)

when i clk add to cart i will insert the product details into cart_details table which i done .now i need to add to quantity table fr which i used text box to get the value.the think is i need to insert the user value in table quantity
without using the submit button

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quantity (id,value)

Sorry, makes no sense to me.

cart id,product id,quantityid,total


Do you want to use jQuery or plain javascript Ajax?

ok let me clear i want to get value from user in text box and insert it into a table .i dont want to use submit button. im tring to do it with onchange function.

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Yes, I understand that. What I don't know is whether you want to use jQuery or plain javascript to handle the ajax call.

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In that case . maybe here

I can't see the quantity texbox in your code. Did you forget to include it? If so, you're probably looking to do something like this...

<input name="food_qty[34]" value="0" type="number" min="0" />

Where the array index in the name is the id of the product. Something like this:

echo "<input name='food_qty[{$row['food_id']}]' value='0' type='number' min='0' class='qty' />"

Now create an event handler based on changes to the number inputs (easier to base it on Class qty).

ok thanks.

<!-- include jquery library file-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- The ajax/jquery stuff -->
<script type="text/javascript">

//Get the input data using the post method when Push into mysql is clicked .. we pull it using the id fields of ID, Name and Email respectively...
//Get values of the input fields and store it into the variables.
var quantity_value=$("#Id").val();

//use the $.post() method to call insert.php file.. this is the ajax request
$.post('insert.php', {quantity_value: quantity_value});
return false;
<label>quantity: </label> <input id="Id" type="number" />

<a id="insert" title="Insert Data" href=#>Push into mysql</a>
 <!-- For displaying a message -->


//Configure and Connect to the Databse
 $con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","");
 if (!$con) {
 die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
 mysql_select_db("dinecart", $con);
 //Pull data from home.php front-end page

 //Insert Data into mysql
$query=mysql_query("INSERT INTO quantities(quantity_value) VALUES('$id')");

else{ echo "An error occurred!"; }

with this code i have inserted data into my table with the help of a link "push into mysql " but what i need is as soon as i change the value it should be inserted into my table how to do that ?

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You said that you wanted to use plain javascript, but now you've gone and used jquery.

The insert php code should be in a separate file.

actually i was trying in jquery but i couldnt get so thought to go in simple that y told javascript.
insert php is separate file only ..
i am able to insert it .i used <a> tag to insert but i dont want to use any link buttons .

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i used <a> tag to insert but i dont want to use any link buttons .

That's confused me.

The usual way to make an ajax call from a html table with textboxes could be...

...head stuff...
..start table.. a while loop...
...<input data-id='{$row['id']}' value='0' type='number' min='0' class='qty' />...
..end table..

<script src="//"></script>
        var id = $(this).data('id');
        var num = $(this).val();


Your process.php file could have something like...

if($_POST && isset($_POST['id']) && isset($_POST['num']))
//db connection
//run query using mysqli/PDO with prepared statement 
//test for number rows affected -should return 1 on success, 0 on fail
    echo $num_rows_affected;