Hello Community,
I was wondering if someone could give me any ideas on how to get my company out there?

What do you mean? Getting exposure?

Yer, I would like to develop for people privately or for other compnies. I'm not a whole lot sure on prices I would charge but I would just go of quering people on how big the task will be.

Assuming web design here.
I would say to maybe offer services to local businesses that also need exposure and you could get the feel on pricing.

Well the thing is Randoma is not that big, however one of my staff (I guess you call them that as they do work for me) members works from over seas and for the other company he works for they need some programs made and he has offered me the job. And they want 2 programs made so that is good but it's still only one client.

I registerd for http://freelancer.com but I though it would be like people hire us to work for them but no, we have to place bids on the ad and the winner gets to work for that person and I don't have a lot of money atleast not enough to big on a job. So that is down the drain.

I just want to become like a decent popular company so like eg. I would like to be a company people would recommend to others (If that makes sense).

The only hard part is people wouldn't hire me because I'm not qualitied to develop anything I don't have any certificates nothing. I tried doing IT cert 2 but it's just so boring everything they they were teaching me, I could teach my self. Everything I know I have taught myself.

Start with a free job for a foundation's website. It's often a very good investment. It won't get you any money (but often tax deductible), but the exposure is often great.

Ok, I'll do my best. But would it be a good idea to advertise my development service on my home page? so people will know they can hire me? aswell as place the other people that have gotten me to make something for them? Like as I said above I have been offered to make 2 programs for the company my tester works for.

would it be a good idea to advertise my development service on my home page?


place the other people that have gotten me to make something for them?

A portfolio is always a good idea (if the result was good). Better if you can get verifiable quotes from them too.

A great place to start a portfolio with is doing work for non-profit organizations (I believe that is what pritaeas was referencing). Schools, churches, community organizations are always looking for help. The benefit for you is that you are exposing your services while building your skills. In many cases, you will get free promotion. For example in the organization's website (your link at th bottom) or in their newsletter.

People that support the non-profit will generally do business with their partners because people know that by doing that they are also indirectly supporting the organization as well.

I think that's a win-win especially if you are just starting. you will be partnering with an organization that has credibility. That's worth some value.

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Good point, thanks everyone. Is there somewhere is can just start out though? like is there somewhere I can post my service? other than my website.

Get business cards and leave them anywhere you can.

Thanks everyone. I'll be sure to keep those ideas noted.