I have an HTML table with number of rows based on number of rows in a database table. So this table's rows are dynamically rendered. I am trying to make on of these column values a link and make that link submit the form. At that point I want to get the value of the link the user clicked. Lets say the table is like this

Link1 Col1Val1 Col2Val1 Col3Val1
Link2 Col1Val2 Col2Val2 Col3Val2
Link3 Col1Val3 Col2Val3 Col3Val3
Link4 Col1Val4 Col2Val4 Col3Val4

Let say the user clicked Link3, I want to be able to submit the form with a parameter having the value "Link3". Please suggest.


The link can be:

<a href="somepage.jsp?param1=aaaaa&param2=3333&param3=123">Link 3</a>

And at the somepage.jsp, you can do this:

String a1 = request.getParameter("param1"); // aaaaa
String a2 = request.getParameter("param2"); // 3333
String a3 = request.getParameter("param3"); // 123