i need to build a program in web developer with ASP.NET. the purpose of this program is to see what and who sold something to which customer. i need to use a SQL database in it. i'm not so good in programming, i can't find to put a query on a page.

Based on your description, its going to be alomst impossible to help you. This site and its members works well when you post a specific problem, along with your code.

The only thing i can recommend is that visual studio does have templates so its possible to start with a fully functional site and for you to follow some of the videos and tutorials on the official asp.net site, http://asp.net

Without some programming knowledge, there is only some much you can do by dropping controls on the page(s) and using hte wizards. it could be done, but its going to be challenging for you.

I dont know what is your level of expertise and what exactly you want to develop. Look in technical forums you need to show your problem ie., where you are struck or what is your attempt.. If you ask like I want to build this how to start.. I bet you wont get precise reply.. Anyhow coming to your problem, You need to search for some ecommerce application in asp.net..

Refer this thread for more details: