Hi all. sory but im beginner on web creating. I need create catalog. first page i need create item add form. after page i need create items catalog. all on mysql sory for bat English :) who can help me. i have login register index pages.

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There are plenty of people here to help you but no one is going to write the code for you so, my suggestion is for you to develop a high level plan for this project, come up with pseudo-code and then ask questions here that are very specific about problem you encounter. At that time, you would post the relevent code and details about the problem you are having.

So on the main page, you need to create a form? what problem related to the form are you having?

i need help create form. form can create new file and write informacion in file. im trying but nothing gud please help

You need help with the form itself? A form is basically a group of input elements that are within the form element.

If you are not that familiar with HTML, you are going to have a challenge on your hands. putting together the HTML needed for the form is the easy part. What to do when the form is submitted requires server side processing. You will need to develop code on your own to handle the submission of the form.

There are sites online that help you build forms such as https://www.acrobat.com/formscentral/en/templates/web-forms-builder.html

There are other sites that handle the processing of your forms.

I'd recommend you start by learning HTML and how the <form> element works.

Maybe start on W3Schools. Very basic and will get you going..


Not knowing exactly what you're struggling with and for the looks of it, you're getting stuck right at the beggining I would suggest Google Forms. It might just give you all you need.

Give us more information if all this doesn't work for you.

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