Hi All,

I'm trying to convert a .p12 file to a .pem using php (because, as I understand it, soap needs to take a .pem format certificate)

Am I going about it the right way?

    $certificate = array();
    $pkcs12 = file_get_contents('certificate.p12');

    if (openssl_pkcs12_read($pkcs12, $certificate, 'pass')) {

        if (isset($certificate['pkey'])) {
            $pem = null;
            openssl_pkey_export($certificate['pkey'], $pem, 'pass');

        if (isset($certificate['cert'])) {
            $cert = null;
            openssl_x509_export($certificate['cert'], $cert);   

        if (isset($certificate['extracerts'][0])) {
            $extracert1 = null;
            openssl_x509_export($certificate['extracerts'][0], $extracert1);    

        if (isset($certificate['extracerts'][1])) {
            $extracert2 = null;
            openssl_x509_export($certificate['extracerts'][1], $extracert2);    

        $pem_file_contents = $cert . $pem . $extracert1 . $extracert2;

        file_put_contents("certificate.pem", $pem_file_contents);

        $options = array(

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Am I going about it the right way?

Does it work?

Well, it generates the file without errors. Not sure if the file content is valid for its purposes though as I'm still having issues connecting to the host via soap.

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OK. Sorry can't help with SOAP.

:) no worries. I always appreciate the interest, regardless.

Thanks for posting this. Really this helped me lot and i resolved my issue.

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