So, yea, it is a kind of new thing that came along with CSS3. I find it awesome, I wanted this on my website, so I tried to Google how to do it. Now, here I am, with nothing. Mostly because I don't know what has to happen or anything (even though it looks pretty simplistic {I am just an idiot}). There are lots of tutorials. After all, I break my teeth on it, parallax is a challenger that I can't fight. Is maybe anybody having a (very) basic working snippet that he/she made to check how this effect works and could share maybe. So I can analyze it, play with it and modify it to my own needs?

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And I fail at implementing it

Do you have a fiddle? What have you changed in the above demo?

I don't have a fiddle. I tried to implement it into copy but it didn't succeed. What I changed is, that I added image to website, given it an ID and selected it by jQuery's .parallax(50%, 1.5) but image remains static, when it should move 50% faster than scrolling.

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