At I have a left sidebar with info on the 10th Anniversary Dance and the main part of the page describes the fund the party was slated to raise money for. The affair happened last night & was quite successful by the way! I have many people to thank for this - way too many for a static sidebar and I would like to put it all in a sidebar that scrolls up and loops back to the beginning when done - rather like the the effect of the MARQUEE tag, but vertically with all the lines of horizontal text.

I can find a WordPress plugin that appears to do this for RSS feeds and I find lots of code to make a static sidebar stay in place as the page is scrolled, but nothing that answers whether there is a way in html, php, java, whatever to do what I want. Would anyone like to help, suggest solutions etc.?

Thank you!


There are quite a few options using jQuery. Vertical-auto-scroll-Ticker-jQuery was the first one I looked at and seems to be what you are after. Some of the others I looked at stopped scrolling when they got to the end of the list.

Thank you Zagga - If I'd thought of the word "ticker" google might have found this for me as well. Anyway now having fun trying to make it work. I can make my words scroll in the downloaded demo page but not much luck with my page ...yet. If head banging & brick walls don't see me through I'll post again. Meanwhile thank you for the link!

Hi again,

I looked at the demo but didn't actually try it. If you have trouble with any of it, post on here and we'll try and help.