Let's say my website heavily depends on JavaScript.
I found this: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_noscript
What I understand is.

If JavaScript is enabled, it displays "Hello World". If JavaScript is disabled it displays everything within <noscript> as normal div.

The clue is. I have "NoScript" Firefox addon. That blocks JavaScripts, disables flashes and fonts. And if I want to view YouTube video for example I need to click on frame of video. But when I visited the example on link above. Nothing happened. The result is nul literally. Nothing is there.

Are there any other solutions, that are more universal?

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Are there any other solutions, that are more universal?

You can add a text div that is visible, and remove it with Javascript. If Javascript is not enabled, it will not be removed.

@pritaeas, that seems like good idea. But wouldn't it be that user could easily remove that visible DIV? I need to assume visitors are pesky.

You have no control over the browser or browser plugins, so there's no way to guarantee visibility for all users.

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