The following is my html code. This code contains one absolute div. The div with id "mydiv" is an absolute div. Only half of the absolute div is being displayed. I want the div on top of all elements and fully displayed. What could be the problem? Even after specifying z index to 20,000 it is stillbeing half displayed.
Thanks in advance.


    <div  style="overflow:hidden;margin-top:22px;position:relative;">
                        <div style="float:left;height:100px;" class="label libLabel" >
                        <div style="float:left;position:relative;">
                                <textarea rows="2" cols="70" name="book.allTags" onkeyup="displayAvailableTags(this)"></textarea>
                            <div style="font-size: 15px;height:30px;"></div>
                            <div id="mydiv" class="label" style="position:absolute;left:50px;width:200px;height:100px;z-index:20000;border:4px solid #C85D25;">I am here,i am here</div>

                <div style="width:990px;text-align: center;padding-bottom: 20px;" >              
                    <input class="nextButton" type="button" Value="Save" onclick="disableAndsubmit(this,'addBook.mms?&MODE=NEW')"/>


The style that is affecting your div is overflow:hidden. I'm not clear on what you are trying to accomplish so i'm not sure how to advise you.