i have a pagination code but the problem is i have 2 tabs one is test and test2 if i want to see that test second page click 2 that url showing url?test=page&page=2 and i want to see test2 tab, so if i click test2 that url was not changed. any one can know this pagination without url changing please guide me

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First of all you must explain what you mean with the term “tabs”. Normally we would mean by that term browser tabs , which means that you have two separate pages opened (that can communicate through JavaScript if the one opened the other) , but maybe you refer to iframes.

There are many ways to have pagination without changing the url , the most straight forward is to do it by post. The second one is to do all the HTML code update through AJAX.




<ul id="countrytabs" class="shadetabs">
<li selected=""><a class="selected" href="#" rel="country1" title="Search Categories">Search Categories</a></li>
<li><a class="" href="javascript:startAjax()" rel="country2" title="Article Categories">Article Categories</a></li>

in that search categories i have 20 data and article categories have 5 data only.i need pagination for both, if i want to see 12th data from search categories so i can move by pagination then the like this ?catagory=Education&page=2, so now i move to article categories in that its showing same url link and also i have only 5 data's in article. so how can i do


Although you can peruse pages without url change, think of bookmarking - could be problematic?

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