Hello buds,
I want to know if this is doable: I have a website then on my homepage there will be two buttons.
The buttons are A and B. Button A: will go to a page Option A Button B: will go to a page Option B So when visitor/user click button A they will be directed to that page and fill up something there but I dont want them to be able to go back to my Homepage because they already pick that Option A. And the same with Button B if they choose it.

looking forward to hearing from you buddies



I don't quite get it, but here is what I understand :)

If you want them to not see the regular menu, you can have a new header file that doesn't show the menu. If you want them to not hit the backspace button, there can be a javascript code or something, though it's usually annoying for the end user.

Can you link to the site or provide more details? I'm afraid I missunderstand your question

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