Hi Everyone, get a really strange problem I have been trying to fix for a few days now and I am unable to get it working.

I have the following script as update.php file

    if (isset($_GET['tx'])) {
    $tx = $_GET['tx'];
        // collect all parameters herer
    $request = print_r($_REQUEST, true);
    $sqlcode = "SELECT id, mc_gross, item_name1, quantity1, custom 
                FROM transactions 
                where txn_id='$tx'";    

            $sql = mysql_query($sqlcode);
            $row = ($sql ? mysql_fetch_array($sql) : false);
            if ($row) {
                //item details
                $iid = $row['id'];
                $mc_gross = $row['mc_gross'];
                $item_name1 = $row['item_name1'];
                $quantity1 = $row['quantity1'];           
                $value = $row['custom']; 

                    $result = explode(',', $value);

                        foreach ($result as $row) {
                            if (empty($row)) continue; 
                            $item = explode('-', $row);
                            $itemid = $item[0];
                            $itemquantity = $item[1];

                                $sqlsold = "update products set sold = sold + $itemquantity where id='$itemid'";                        

I have created a shopping basket using PayPal IPN -
The above script is where paypal returns to after a successfull transaction.

The problem is, the script doesnt update the database on the fly. I have to press F5 for the script to update?

Can someone help me out?

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When I press f5 - The database updates the correct product id's with the correct amount of purchases.

It's driving me mad why its not updating as the script loads.

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