Hi, I am very new to PHP and i am getting an ...

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING
i have removed this bit of code and the page works perfectly.
but i need this piece of code...

<? display_dl_menu("Related Links", " - <a href=\"http://www.indiana.edu/~jshouse/purpose.html\" target=\"_blank\">Jill's House Website</a>"); ?>

I would appreciate any help with this

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Hard to tell unless you include the actual function as well -> display_dl_menu

However you might just add a slash to the single quote and see if that fixes it. So Jill's becomes Jill\'s

We might need only the header if you're sure that line (and not other calls) are causing the problem. I do agree with the previous assessment, escape the '.

Three characters I can think of right now that need escaped are quotation marks ("), apostrophes ('), and backslash (\).

One unrelated suggestion: don't open links in new windows. It screws up those of us who use tabbed browsing.

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