i am facing a little problem. my website page logo is cut a half mm when i use my 1366 x 768 screen resolution, win7, 64bit laptop and is not cut when i use my 1920 x 1080, win8, 64bit screen resolution laptop. Both using the same php code and the same size of image. What is the cause of this and how do i fix this? Please help?. Thank you.

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Are you sure this is a PHP issue? SOunds more like CSS. Without any code / markup or a url to check, it's difficult to know what your problem may be. Perhaps some other people's crystal balls are better than mine though :(

is it not beacuse of the different screen resolution, that cause this? because i am using the same code. if its the code problem, then why the other laptop can view the website just fine, right??..i mean..where do i get a crystal ball over here..

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You do realise that the logo is 7.2Mb ?? That's a ridiculous size for any image on the web, let alone a small logo. I'd imagine a logo like this could be 50-70Kb.

That's your issue.

A AH..i did realize it..i didnt think it will cause an issue though..my superior asked me to put in on the web..alright..thank you for your crystal ball service, sir..

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