I guys I want to build a marketplace for tutors where they can upload their profile and information. Students who want to study a tutor can go there and find a suitable one. It will look very similar to this


I do not have any background in IT or coding whatsoever (just try wordpress lately) so I am not sure whether I should ask my friend to build it by php or wordpress. I have asked some of my friends and there are mixing opinions so I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this problem.

Thanks a lot

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Wordpress is an amazing tool (no question), but however it is really designed for content management, like simple sites or blogs etc.

It can be configured to manage something like this, but only by way of a plugin. Maybe look at something like this: Click Here

To write it in PHP would make it more specialised to you needs, but would take MUCH longer and would cost MUCH more!!!

If I was you I'd try to get wordpress to work first, maybe tampering with a few plugins :)

Hope this helps

Not just wordpress, there are hundreds of blogs, cms software, some better suited to different purposes
If you can define the exact result you want to achieve, you may be able to google a cms to accomplish the task
there are likewise hundreds of hosts and stand-alone sites offering one-click installs on these programs
setup can be simple-tastic

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You need to outline your needs first and see if Wordpress or something like Joomla or Drupal and their plugins have all the functionality that you need. You could spend a lot of time researching this and building with a cms only to find that a vital cog in your approach does not exist. Bummer. So in order to not waste your time - be clear about your needs and whether a platform/cms has everything you need to get going.

If you don't code, don't bother if you need this site in the next few months as you will probably not learn enough to create a secure site, let alone create an attractive design and optimize for SEO, so that you at least have some presence. Nobody will sign up (tutors nor students) unless you actually turn up in search results. That's where a professional (studio?) may be able to help. However - this may be very expensive.

BTW - I noticed the site you linked to had this on it...


You can get away with that in Singapore?? I can imagine the type of storm that would kick up in most Western countries. :(

I have also one wordpress website. Its easy for new people for editing and posting.

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PHP vs Wordpress

Yep that's not really a comparison.

I wouldn't bother using wordpress for what you're asking for as it is very specific... I'd go for building it yourself. Seems straight forward.

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I'd go for building it yourself. Seems straight forward.

But he said...

I do not have any background in IT or coding whatsoever

And his friends don't sound as if they have much of a clue.

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Good points, still I doubt there is a CMS solution that does exactly what he wants... Trying to reverse engineer something may take much longer.

I'd plump for a paid developer? Not sure...

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I think I agree with you iamthwee. This site will accept data from tutors and clients, possibly with payments too. In that case it needs to be ultra-secure - just read about ebay hack - puts security into perspective. Third-party plugins from amateurs on platform sites are frought with danger. You are placing your life (reputation and defence from litigation) in their hands.

Of course direct embeds like paypal can help, but there's still the question of personal data security.

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