I want the script, when the event is clicked, animate the div into view, only unless the div is clicked. Is the follow script in the right direction ?

$("#open").click(function() {

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What is wrong with my code ? And can't it be chained as one ?

you dont have enough code shown.

In any case, its not correct with regards to syntax. Let's say that the div you want to animate has an id = 'div1', also assuming that "#open" is another element, maybe a button or another div. Also assuming you are refering jQuery and jQueryUI in your code...

      $("#div1").animate({left:'250px'}, 2000, 'easeInOutBounce');

How come JsFiddle gives me an error when I change the rule from left to right ({"error": "Please use POST request"}) ?

Can I control the arc of the bounce, I want a little more bounce :)

There are several easing options. You can find them in the jQuery site/documentation. I have no idea what more bounce equates to. I used the easing in the jsfiddle that was included in your sample code.

The easing options I suspect are rigid, you can't adjust the curve for the easing.

I changed the code to the desired anchor and ID, but when I click on the anchor the bounce effect doesn't work ?

The following are all the jqueryUI libraries / scripts loading for the page;

<jquery script>.js

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