cilla 15 Light Poster

There's a lot of JS and ajax and extra scripts and things (far as I can tell at a first look) on this website, some of which don't even seem to serve any purpose. If you look in the source (via Inspect Element, not actually viewing the page source, cuz of the ajax and crap -- if you try to reload the page, for example, you get a 404; the history is intact though), you'll see there's an extra menu as well, first thing in the body (ul.onepage-pagination) that's invisible, but I don't see any styles that should be rendering it as not visible or not displaying. There's no text wrapped by the a elements within the list items, so it could just be that, but when I edit it in DevTools and add text in the links it still doesn't appear.

But my main issue is that the navbar that does display (bootstrap-based), is invisible on mobile devices -- not when you shrink the screen to mobile size, but only when viewed on an actual tablet or phone. Can anyone tell me why that is? Perhaps it's the bootstrap JS trying to shrink it to the dropdown menu for mobile, without that intact, but then that should happen when you shrink the window as it normally does in bootstrap, based on viewport size.

Please help me figure out how I can figure this out. I have the user-agent switcher Chrome extension but that doesn't seem to do anything for me, plus when I try on the site in question it reloads the page which returns a 404 error because when you load the site the ajax appends /home or whatever other "page"-part you're on to the URL, which isn't a real location.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you.