Dear friends ,
i've got a problem with ecommerce integration to my payment based website , i want to integrate the paypal or any other payment service provider to make payment.
i'v tried using some php code but it didn't worked out , so what do i need to do whether using some framework or i can simply integrate api

Most payment portals have an API that allows the website to make calls to the payment provider. exactly how they operate and fit together depends a lot on the particular provider and their API.
Obviously, PHP skills help a lot. Did you understand how the API works and looks at examples? Most have a sandbox you can use to test as well.


You can try paypal API here. The implementation is fairly easy. Just make sure to sign up for your Paypal sandbox account for testing.

On the sandbox, you create the seller and buyer accounts.
Create a page with test products similar to your actual production site.
Call the api and start testing by doing transactions.
Check the sandbox if the transaction went through.

Test a few more times and look for any glitches or something that may cause a problem. You can either post your questions here on daniweb or do it on the github. If you want me directly respond to your questions, then post it here on Daniweb. You will have a better chance of getting a response from me here that anywhere else.

The OP hasn't returned in a month. I'm guessing this thread is dead?

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