I'm working on a site that had to be customized from a templatemonster.com template. It's just about finished except the contact form only seems to work fully in Firefox, which is odd? In FF, IE, and Chrome it LOOKS like it works, and in the first two the submissions come through immediately to my email, but via IE the form name part of the subject line is lost, which is a hidden input field in the form. Only ' from: ' . $_POST["name"] shows in the subject (the actual name entered in place of the variable). I haven't gotten any of my submissions through Chrome.

What/how/why could this be..?

Okay I feel stupid, I just had to add 'method="post"' to the forms... doh

Well actually so it works perfectly for me when I submit messages through the forms, from different computers at different locations, but the client is saying he's submitting entries as well and not receiving those. How could it only not be working for him?

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