I'm getting ready to take a stab at learning JavaScript. First, I guess it would be good to find out where I can snag a decent free compiler from. :idea:


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Yeah...I hadn't even cracked the book when I posted that last one. After I read that much in the book I felt real smar-like. :/


No need to feel less than inteligent, there are 'compilers' for JavaScript. Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript compiler can be used to build Java classes out of Javascript files. I have used this, since I am a Java programmer, I usually just use Java. http://www.mozilla.org/rhino/jsc.html

If you just want to validate your javascript you can use this handy online tool: http://www.jslint.com/

You can also integrate Javascript debuggers if you are using mozilla firefox or MSIE. Obviously a different debugger is available for each. I suppose similar tools are available for other web browsers.

These are very handy if you are building a web application and don't want to litter alert boxes or document.writeln's everywhere!

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