In my personal opinion PHP is a great language. I love that it can be written with html and css for style, and database and such quality. But why do PHP deevelopers earn less then other types? PHP helps get the website through sql and helps make it interactive. You can also run it with javascript for even more interactivity.

It all depends on the quality of codes you can deliver. If you can write an application pretty close or at least at the same quality as the application written in Django framework, you can get paid pretty high. In my area, the minimum Object Oriented Programmer with MVC framework experience have a minimum starting salary of 65,000 dollars per year. But that's pretty low I think.

I know it is unfair, but for procedural programmers, they get paid around 10 to 20 thousand dollars less.

There is no Doubt PHP is a great language. Over the years, it has proven itself to the world that it can move forward and it can continue to evolve for the better. However, PHP is the only language where anyone can call themselves as a programmer after few hours of exposure to the language.

In my Humble opinion, there are many levels of PHP programmers and developers. I just made all these level for myself, because I went through all of these levels.

  1. The first group are the mixers ( the spaghetti coders as we call them).

  2. The hammer bearers. After learning how to write a reusable functions, they focus more in using all functions on pretty much everything.Everything to them looks like nails.

  3. The separatists. These are the more advance programmers that does not believe in the mixing of the business logic and presentation logic.

  4. The object orienters. These are the second level of advance programmers who want to take the separation of logics to the next level. They don't see PHP as a template engine anymore, but rather a higher form of very capable programming language.

  5. The pattern makers : These are the group of developers who are always aware of their patterns. They are knowledgeable in design patterns.They know exactly what patterns to use for every application they write.

  6. The Lazy Frameworkers: This is the top of the mountain where all of the above turned lazy. These lazy developers makes the most money of all PHP programmers.