Personally I think Python is better then ruby because it runs on the Django framwork and it can do more. But I wanted some debate from ruby devs so bring it on!!

Hmm... Whenever someone said "this language is better than that language," it means that the person does not understand advantages/disadvantages of those languages. The main reason is that each language has its own purpose and could be best in certain area but not others.

So saying Python is better because it runs on Django is because you are using Django is silly. Ruby has its own framework as well. Both Python & Ruby framework owners claim that their framework is clean and good for rapid development. I agree to both of them, but that does not mean one is better than the other. So this topic is pointless to me...

The phrase bring it on presents like a taunt. Not many people will reply seriously to such comments.

If you want to debate the properties between two languages it is helpful to define a context. Some examples:

  • When doing rapid web prototyping what are the advantages of using either Ruby or Python?
  • Which has a richer set of tools for data analysis - Python or Ruby?
  • I'm writing a DSL - is there native support for building and running languages in Ruby and/or Python? Do these provide good documentation and simple examples that are easy to extend?

Those are topics that people will be willing to engage with. If all you offer is Django ... and it can do more you will be successful mostly at generating noise.

Personally I think Python is better then ruby because it runs on the Django framwork and it can do more.

I do respect your affinity to Python. However, why is it that you only mentioned Django framework and not a single framework for Ruby. Have you ever tried writing web applications in Ruby utilizing these frameworks?

Padrino, Ramaze, NYNY, Sinatra, Nancy, Hobbit. I could go on and on with the list. Please feel free to let me know if you need more and I'll give you 6 to 8 more

Do you know how easy it is to write an application utilizing those mini frameworks I have mentioned above vs. writing a python web application in Django framework? The argument should not always focus on which language is better. Some languages are better on specific application, while others can't just deliver the anticipated results.

Before crossing to the Ruby side of Daniweb, make sure to do some research first about this subject.

I wrote applications in Python utilizing Django, the same application I wrote in Ruby under Padrino. I wrote the very same application in PHP with three different frameworks namely Symfony2, CodeIgniter, and Fuel PHP. Still, I am not sure which one is better. The reason is that all of them did the job as I expected them to be. However, if someone will ask me, if I can write the same application I wrote in PHP in different language, then my answer would be yes, but not conclusive on which one is better.

I am currently taking an online class in Ruby on Rails and web development.

I like Python too.

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