hey guys. i have this table that lists contacts that are stored in database. the data is selected from 2 tables using join which i have already got working:

FROM contact1 c
LEFT JOIN spouse1 s
ON c.contact_id = s.my_spouse

what im having trouble with is selecting another column based on data in one column. okay so this is my contact1 table:


column 'othersalutation' i just added it in today as requested by my supervisor. 'salutation' is only for one salutation like 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.' etc(its a dropdown in the html form) while 'othersalutation' allows user to insert multiple salutations as they want(textbox in html form)(coz just having one isn't enough) like 'Dato Sri Haji'; Dato Sri and Haji being 2 salutations.

so what i want to do is modify the above query like a conditional select like

select othersalutation if salutation = 'Other' else select salutation

something like that. there are alot of these kinda questions on the internet but coz mine is using a join as well to display data im not so sure how to put that into the query.


um. nvm. i think i was over thinking things. found a different way to achieve what i want.

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