i want that when i click on detail button a small widnow open and data show from database with out refraesing the page in the same page i just want to show data i have already shown data on page but that is not in good way i just want to iporve the look and feel of the webpage in php. i just want that a big pop-up show and my data show in that pop up that popup must be in the center of the page

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Just try reading that back to yourself and ask does it make any sense. 61 words (I'm a pedant) without a single punctuation mark. I needed oxygen by the time I got to the end. Can you fix it please?

BTW - show us anything you've done yourself. We're not saps - we volunteer help to those who help themselves. If you need work done and you have absolutely no clue what day of the week it is, pay somebody.

Here is a simple idea of what I can get from your statement/question. This is assuming you are using PHP.

  1. Create a form
  2. Create button inside form
  3. When button is clicked use ajax to submit request to database
  4. Pull data from database and send back to client
  5. Open modal
  6. Use ajax to get data and place into modal.
  7. Close modal, refreah page or destroy data from modal.
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