I am having a bit of trouble with general PHP video uploads and then converting them into a FLV flash file for playback. I have heard something about installing something called FFMPEG but I cannot not find any tutorials any where for doing this. So basically what I am looking to do is have the user upload a video in any format and then having it sent of to the conversion queue for it to be converted.

I am also having trouble with the actual upload as it times out once it has uploaded say FastCGI Timeout error. I have followed tutorials on fixing this editing php.ini and fcgiext.ini but nothing seems to help. I have also recycled the application pool and restarted the server but nothing seems to help.

I am using a VPS with Windows Server 2003 and it is running IIS6. If anyone can help with the problems it would be much appreciated.

And also check in php.ini:
memory_limit (if the content uploaded file is write to memory first, and then to local storage)

Okay thanks for the replies it must of been because of the memory_limit as I totally ignored that, thank you.