Well, it has recently been bugging me that I have 8 years of working with PHP under my belt and not once have I tried to implement a custom solution to integrate PayPal into any of my ecommerce projects. I've worked with a lot of PCI API's from different providers but when it comes to PayPal, I've only worked with Payments Pro and that's an easy one to integrate.

What I'm experiment with now is Payments Standard and ExpressCheckout. Here's something I can say that I'm almost a 100% sure most of you will agree with. PayPal's documentation fu****g SUCKS! There's WAYYYY TOO MUCH information that almost contradicts itself and there's no such thing as a one page solution to say "this is what we have, and this is how it works".

After sifting through what seems like a thousand pages, I understand the flow of their process when it comes to ExpressCheckout. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I have so far:

Step 1: SetExpressCheckout (sets up the transaction with all variables, and sends info to PayPal to get a transaction token)
Step 2: GetExpressCheckout (use the token received to get things like PayerID and get ready for the transaction)
Step 3: DoExpressCheckout (make the transaction happen)
Step 4: Implement listeners like IPN and PDT

I almost have it working as well, but I'm doubting myself to make sure it's implemented the way it's supposed to be. Can anyone share an example of implementing this? This might be a premature question since I'm not including any code, and I will once I have it working bug free, but thought I'd ask just to get some references anyway. My end goal with this would be to build a custom class that requires a few parameters like the buyer's email and api secret keys changed and voila, everything works for them and share that on github.

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are you testing your application with the paypal sandbox?

Yes. Ideally I'd like to have it currency independent so I've setup a few sandbox accounts with different locales.

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