Is there possibility to select every table-cell, image and text within ID?
I plan to make them all smaller using .animate(); problem with it, I need to select all these elements first without manually doing it (it has to automatized) process.

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I need to select all these elements

Can you select them by class name instead? Do you have a sample of code to work with?

Let's say it's a table, and some of td's have div's inside of 'em. I can select it by id and class. As long as it is "systemitaziable".

So if you want to select all elements within a specific element such as a table, one option is to give the table an is then the various elements the same class.

For example...

 #systemitaziable .someClass { ... }

I would assume this would work as well but I generally do not use the universal selector. You'd need to test..

 #systemitaziable * { ... }
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