Morning guys, i'v search the internet with the hope of perfecting my knowledge on running the php CLI as a standalone but to no avail. So i just thought of asking the masters here for help on this topic. The question is, is it possible with the slightest chance to run the php CLI(command line interpreter) as standalone without installing the whole wampserver? And if yes which dll or config file will i need? Your response wil b highly appreciated guys.

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Yes, it is possible, follow these instructions:

Download the installer from:

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Thanks! You'r a life saver

The latest PHP versions (5.5.x and later - I used 5.5.4) also have a web server embedded in the CLI, so you can use it and access your code via a web browser. Works really well for testing code (or teaching yourself PHP) without needing to install and configure Apache or whatever.

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