please excuse my ignorance

It has been 1 year or so since I finished my 2 million line desktop app. An app with extensive use of every thing you can think of as far as multi tabbed desktop with multi profile login. properties. properties xml properties apache db, extensive use of xml, joda time, and a slue of functionality I need to review from the programs I have writtin in my 6 year independent study. I am trying to find a chunk of code to help me start my first
jsp page. I need to start with sessions, basic actionperformed components and my ultimate goal is to begin using some kind of database for a server (installed glassfish) I have experience with MySQL server and the apache embedded server but I am not sure how to begin any type of database.
NECCESITY: Tons of any random code would be great. I need to sink my teeth into some basics and start tearing apart some decent code QUESTIONS: devise or receive intelligent questions I do not know to ask myself. ANSWERS: receive answers to basic questions and trial and error through some advance code. INVENTION: learn to build a web app to utilize a database and load my applications to and record meta data concerning the data base and its contents.

Any help getting started would be great.
Thank you all for your time.

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Is JSP still being used? I was hoping that 1.11M members would generate a few lines of code. I went to college and I am still paying for thousands of trick questions that I can`t remember. I digress, I found my JSP server pages text book (copyright 2000. Is this information still valid?

I have millions of lines of code for the JDesktop MVC2 desktop app with 100s of DAO oblects utilizing XML.properties connecting 100s of java forms to data in a apache embedded DB. Were would one start in order to understand how JSP fits into the picture? How can some of these skills be used ? Clearly the embedded db and dealing with servers and ????db on the sever are two different animals. Is the desktop app functionality mentioned usefull when beginning the JSP web app? Thanks

With no internet connection on the PC I have a lag time transferring data. I have to use the phone. I am using netbeans and glassfish. In my XML.prperties I describe my embedded db. Is this a place to start? Do I need to export anything to communicate with a server. In this case the pretend server(glassfish)?

I am currently studing peter_dubos jsp mvc2 tutorial. Good stuff. I will star there and try to form an intelligent question. Thanks

sure, jsp is still widely used. of course, usually together with other techniques and frameworks, such as spring mvc, ...

anyway, about your textbook, jsp isn't the newest kid on the block, so to say, and most (if not everything) in that book 'll still be valid information.
but that's hard to say, since I have no idea what textbook you are talking about. If you mean "Head First: servlets & JSP", then yes, it's a very good book. (though the latest revision would be nice)

"Head First: servlets & JSP", then yes, it's a very good book."
I will have to look that one up. The tutorials provided in the JSP forum will get me going. I am trying to to understand the web app structure right now. So far I see that the JSP pages should be ONLY JSP . Is the rest of the functionality found on the server. I have worked withMySQL but it is on my pc. I can`t get the picture yet. I would like to continue using XML properties. are they put one a server. I am focusing on the servlet now to understand what the framework looks like. Brainstorming pseudo code now before I waste time with a poor structure. Thanks again.

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