Hi Friends

Till now, I have been coding my PHP files mainly in Notepad. I had used a few PHP IDEs earlier, but were not satisfied. I found them too cumbersome and some were quite unstable. Now it's becoming rather tedious to edit in Notepad. So I am looking for a simple, good and FREE PHP editor.
PHP.net lists some free PHP editors, but it's difficult to ascertain how good they are. So I am asking you, what are your experiences ? What would you recommend ?
My Requirements are :
1. It should run on Windows XP
2. It should be Free
3. It should be simple. From my experience, I have found that many of the features of most IDEs (PHP or otherwise) are used quite rarely, but they unnecessarily clutter the screen and hog resources. So a simple stable IDE / Editor with less esoteric features would be just fine.


i use notepad++ and i have liked it so far. they have some pretty nice features and some great plugins people have built for it.

Eclipse does have some plugins for PHP

I use devphp. It has some bugs, but still, its good ! :)

Three points for notepad++. It's strenght is it's simplicity, and is very lightweight.