Who wrote the code for these "dumb"telepones and were is the fraking keyboard because this is not typing.
Anyway I can not remeber the [/code] tags. I could not find the editor toolbar on this phone . Any help please.

This editor uses markdown, not BBCode.

Which tutorial are you referring to?

Well I have a post pending. So markdown is <>?
Thanks I bought all this info from the college but they gave me nothing to review so I apologize for these stupid questions.

To me that is markup languge. Isther e a tool bar somewhere.

So there is no toolbar to insert tags and i need to build a html doc with<html > opening and closong tags with <hd>and <body>
I can`t find any tooltip for tags.

Toolbar is hidden on mobile by default. At the bottom of the page there is a "switch to desktop mode" link. That toolbar also has no buttons to help you build HTML. It is not designed for such action.

Beautiful. I hate my phone BRB

Ok i just spent two hours trying to paste text into a txt box with this supid phone. I have to stop before i smash it in half. So are you telling me i have to compose a full blown html doc to display a curly bracket or any code? Nevermind i do not even care anymore i will try later it was a stupid saxparse exceptio dealin wit the WEB-INFthanks anyway