Hello to all,

I am working on PHP, HTML, CSS and Joomla since 6 years, but now a days in INDIA many companies are looking for the Drupal Developers, I am lacking skills in Drupal, so can any one guide me to learn Drupal and start building websites using Drupal.

Thanks in Advance.
Nanda Kishore

in addition, you may want to get familiarize with the drupal file system. Like many other applications not written in strict MVC design pattern, Drupal is built on the common application design "includes and modules". So anything that you want to alter in this CMS will be either in includes directory or in modules directory.

The modules in drupal is module literal. Meaning that if you want to add,create, edit, modify functions and classes, then it can be done in modules/module_name directory..

I would say, you will probably spend about 2 days on this and you should be an expert. This is an easy application compared to developing an app on MVC frameworks.

It's all about the hype on "wanted drupal programmer/developer", you should be fine if you already have more than 6 years of developing PHP applications.

Veedeoo thanks for your reply, yeah, I have over 6 years on experience perticularly in Joomla, now I need to know about Drupal and its Module development. As Pritaeas said, going through drupal documentation site I guess its more complexy and takes lot time. Now I want a good tutorial which expalin Drupal and Module development easilly understandable.

There was a book written for this. I believe the title was "Drupal 7 module Development". You really need to get this book. Online tutorial will not suffice to acquire professional knowledge.

I forgot to mention, the book was published by packtpub sometime between 2010 and 2012. I don't remember the author's name.

Book that I purchased sometime ago:
"Definitive Guide Drupa 7" from apress.
Drupal building blocks
Pro drupal development. (I can't remember the exact title).
Design and Prototyping for drupal

I'm a long-time Drupal developer, and I can tell you straightaway that modifying the code in /modules, /includes, or /themes is not okay. One of the prime-directives of Drupal is "Thou shalt not hack core." It will work, of course, but will also make your website extremely difficult to maintain or update.

All contributed code (from, for example, http://drupal.org/project/*) as well as locally-developed code should be in the /sites directory - if you're running only a single site on your Drupal codebase, all your contrib modules should go into /sites/all/modules/contrib, contrib themes in /sites/all/themes/contrib, etc. while locally developed code goes in /sites/all/modules/custom etc. (note that these are not requirements - Drupal will find your code if it's more-or-less under the correct directory subtree, but it IS best-practice.) In general, uploaded files and site assets will go under /sites/default/files.

And yes, if you already understand HTML/CSS and PHP, even though it's now a few years old the best reference for Drupal 7 is The Definitive Guide To Drupal 7