Hi i take a project of my client said that you have to develope this project by using Code Igniter and Yii.. I don't Know what are these .. please tell me some thing about these but in simple ..

almostbob commented: with that level of ignorance you should not be doing anything. More obvious sig spamming could not be found -3
happygeek commented: really? do you not have Google? -3

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Both CodeIgniter and Yii are PHP web application frameworks.

Honestly, I think you should have not accepted the project without knowing the core requirements.

I am not insinuating here that you won't learn the frameworks, but if you haven't seen these frameworks before, I couldn't help myself not to think that you are indeed in a big trouble from the moment you took the project.

for codeIgniter, read it here.
for YII, read it here.

Make sure to read both of the links I have provided. If by any chance, it gives you a really bad after taste, make sure to return the project and be honest to your client. That is only my humble opinion.

If I were you I'd cancel right now!

Frameworks are huge things to learn from scratch, to the most elite of developers. For you not to have even Googled what it is, suggests you are in no way capable of this task.

Even if you do manage to scape your way through CodeIgniter and YII, it is unlikely you will finish it to a good enough standard.

Another web design/PHP "expert" who thinks they're an industry pro, yet do not understand echo "Hello World";.

I smell either:

a chancer pretending to be a competant web developer


a spammer posting any old crap to publicise his signature links

Oh, and anyone reading that and thinking 'this looks like a web developer who can meet my needs' and then clicking those links urgently requires increased medication...

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I think your spidy sense are spots on HappyGeek.

Who would claim to be a PHP developer and not know about frameworks, I mean everyone can work google.

everyone can work google.

Except him.

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