I hope I'm asking this question correctly. I am succesfully using Fullcalendar
on my site to show various dates for various members, all of which are stored in a database.
I have implemeneted a bootstrap popover that displays the members name when a mouse is hovered over the event in the calendar. I want to add a profile image to the popover for each particular member but I just can't get the img src url to pass from the json feed file to the popover.

Here is the relevant code I am using in the json feed file.
$eventsArray['img'] = '<img src="memberFiles/<?php echo "$id"; ?>/pic1.jpg" alt="Ad" width="220"></a>';

Note the $id variable refers to that particular user.

And this is what the array looks like.

"img":"\/pic1.jpg\" alt=\"Ad\" width=\"220\"><\/a>"},

Where is the $id variable and why do I get \/.

Any pointers in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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So let me get this streight: you have a popover, and it is showing what where the image should be?

And this is what the array looks like.

Which array? You've not really told us where your problems are occuring, so we can't begin to work things out if we don't know where to look.


Yes apologies. My question is really not very clear. I'm going to go away and revise it. Thanks for your time.

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