What's up everyone.

A few months ago I followed a website tutorial on how to make a custom CMS and it worked for me on my web server. Well I just recently installed MySQL + phpMyAdmin on my laptop under the localhost of my machine (i have a mac if that helps with this).

Well, I took those files off my server and put them onto my local host to try and expand it's capabilies offline. When I load the php page I get a blank page. I'm pretty sure I called the correct database.

My files look like this:

  • HD:Users:mporter:Sites:visualDropCMS (this is the directory where the php is installed)
  • HD:Users:mporter:Sites:phpMyAdmin (this is hwere the phpMyAdmin is installed)

Does the problem come about because I dont have phpMyAdmin within the visualDropCMS folder?

This is what the database call within my php file looks like.


      $obj = new visualDropCMS();
      $obj->host = 'localhost';
      $obj->username = 'root';
      $obj->password = '********';
      $obj->table = 'vDCMSPosts';

      if ( $_POST )

      echo ( $_GET['admin'] == 1 ) ? $obj->display_admin() : $obj->display_public();


Any help would be amazing even if it pointing me towards reading more because I am willing to learn.

  • Matt
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Hello Matt , pattmorter
You didn’t even described the problem , but I am happy that you figured it out. So mark it as solved and next time describe what you are asking if you want answers ….

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