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We have a project coming up, As i am eveluating the PHP frame works i found out cakePHP is most suitable for our project.
I have not used it before but i am new to it and facing problem in configuring. I have completed the setup as per documentation and everything went well but post DB configuration CSS and JS are not loading. I think there is some problem with the webroot. Please find the attached screenshot.
I am using lamp stack on Ubuntu platform

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What makes the cake better than others as far as your new project is concern? The reason I am asking you is that Cake is not the framework for immersion for the people who hasn't or have not seen the ins and outs of an MVC framework. The write up is so convincing, just drop and start baking. That is not always true I think.

Have you looked at the learning curve comparison on some of the frameworks vs. cake?

What cake can do that other frameworks cannot do or will never achieved, even with extensive libraries and helpers build up?

Possible answer to your question: Check the file permission for those files in question.

below is my screenshot of the installation I made before giving response to your question, and all I did was to give all the files with the proper permission for the user and the group www-data.


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