Which is the best web hosting server by considering storage, bandwidth, uptime guarantee, dedicated plan, technical support, security, optimized services, wordpress hosting, files transfer, email accounts and websites limitations, email accounts and websites (domains) transfer, compatibility with open sources, integration with other applications (e.g., Google Apps), e-commerce support, great mailing platform,databases supported, programming interface (and languages supported), preferably running on Linux-based systems?

I have to decide between Bluehost, Hostigator and Inmotion. Can you recommend one of these or something else based on their technical qualities and/or other benefits? Don't forget to mention disdvantages!

All contributions are appreciated.

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Hostgator would be the best options.. They give you a lot of control over the server you are using, have a really solid up time record, and technical support system. I have used them for more than 8 years and continue to use their services.

They offer unlimited emails, bandwidth, email, domains, databases. Cpanel access is also a plus.

Google for recent news about HG before you make any final decisions. There are still many hosts to choose from. Some good mid-sized companies often get overlooked but they do still offer a personal touch, you are a person not just a number in the queue, in the support dept. which is an item that many big box hosts overlook.

Thank you gabrielcastillo, during my search I also got the feeling that Hostgator would be the best. Do they provide good support to migrate from another server to theirs? How about their email look and functionality? Does it work great like gamil? Integration with third parties?

Coloradojaguar, thank you too. More suggestions are welcome.

Hostgator is really good. We are using it ourselves and have been very happy. If you are taking their managed VPS they will provide you free migration etc. Apart from that they offer migration and all kind of support for a small fee. They are very quick in this

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