Hi everyone, i am interested to learn php, where is the best place to learn it?

These are just my humble suggestions and no way it comes with any guarantee of the same results I have achieved using these methods.

In addition, you can also learn it from Zend, the people who are responsible and the inventor of Zend Scripting Language Engine and making PHP the fastest evolving programming language of all time. Use the regular WAMP or LAMP stack and don't use the zend server for now, believe me it can overwhelm anyone new to PHP. Start slow, but make sure to aim higher like the Objects and Methods, then to design patterns. Hopefully, by 8 months or so, you can start testing the PHP MVC design patterns.

Some part of their site offers a PHP certification, if you have money to burn, go for it. You can also buy some PHP books from O'rielly and Apress as a supplemental desktop reference.

If you ever fell in-love with the Zend and would like to become a certified Zend Engineer, then you can also take this great, but costly opportunity.

Remember, the courses for both of the certifications above are very costly, at least for me. I took the course when I was in High School and I was able to fund the course and the books from my school allowance and from my little income delivering Los Angeles Times news paper every morning. The test vouchers cost was a lot cheaper than the course.

Good luck on your study..

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