In PHP - I'm trying to pass a second item &show_sill via the URL string and keep getting this error:
- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&' what is the correct syntax when trying to utilize mutliple items via the querystring:

header("Location: submit.php?upload_message=image uploaded&upload_message_type=success&show_image=".$_FILES["image_upload_box"]["name"]&show_sill=".$_FILES["imgOrgSrc"]["name"]);
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You've missed a concatenation:

header("Location: submit.php?upload_message=image uploaded&upload_message_type=success&show_image=".$_FILES["image_upload_box"]["name"] . "&show_sill=".$_FILES["imgOrgSrc"]["name"]);

btw never use input vars directly. Ensure that you urlencode() any vars.