hi, i create a web lan application, here my code:

        function Init_Form7()
        $("#i_b_prob option:first-child").attr("selected", "selected");
        $('#i_b_to   option:first-child').attr("selected", "selected");
        $("#i_b_date"   ).val(''); 
        $('#i_b_wil option:first-child').attr("selected", "selected");

on the "reset button" i call this function onclick="Init_From7();"
the problem is , when i click on server machine the "reset button" all text-inpput get empty and the selects got the first child,
and if im on the client the input-text goes empty, but no first child is selected anymore, note that the values of option is selected to 1rst child , but not the graphic anyone can help me thank you.

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I didn't understand what you saying about server and client machine, jQUery is always client.

Anyway, try like this:

            .prop("selected", true);

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